Seseli alboalatum (Haines) Pimenov & Kljuykov 

White-winged Stone-Parsley (Seseli alboalatum)

The White-winged Stone-Parsley, described in 1919, is a small herb with white flowers and is known from only two regions, the hills of Chotanagpur on the Neterahat Plateau in the Ranchi District, Jharkhand as well as from the Raigarh District in Chhattisgarh, both in north-eastern India.

The species was last recorded in 1940 and is now considered to be very likely extinct.


syn. Ligusticum alboalatum Haines


Photo from: ‘H. H. Haines: Some new species of plants from Behar and Orissa. Journal and Proceedings of the Asiatic Society of Bengal. New Series 15: 309-318. 1919

(public domain)



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edited: 12.02.2024