Acrocephalus yamashinae (Taka-Tsukasa)

Pagan Reed Warbler (Acrocephalus yamashinae)

The Pagan Reed Warbler was endemic to Pagan, a volcanic island in the northern part of the Marianas archipelago in the Pacific Ocean.

The species reached a size of about 17 cm and superficially resembled the likewise extinct Nightingale Reed Warbler (Acrocephalus luscinius (Quoy & Gaimard)).

The Pagan Reed Warbler was restricted to the reeds around the two wetlands that exist on the island; it disappeared due to the introduction of ungulates who destroyed much of the island’s native vegetation. It was last seen in 1969 and is now clearly extinct.


syn. Acrocephalus luscinius ssp. yamashinae (Taka-Tsukasa)


edited: 12.01.2024