Doedicurus clavicaudatus Owen

Mace-tailed Glyptodon (Doedicurus clavicaudatus)

The Mace-tailed Glyptodon was a remarkable giant armadillo that inhabited large parts of the South American continent.

The species reached a heigth of about 1,5 m and was up to 3,6 m long; its weight is estimated to have been about 1400 to 2370 kg.

This is very likely a Pleistocene species, that disappeared at the end of that era, however, there are some remains that had been dated to an age of 8000 to 7000 years ago, which suggests that it in fact might have survived into the earliest Holocene; these dates, however, are questioned by some scientists. 


Depiction from: Henry Robert Knipe: Evolution in the past. Philadelphia, J. B. Lippincott Company 1911

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edited: 04.11.2020