Pachystyla waynepagei Griffiths

Page’s Pachystyla Snail (Pachystyla waynepagei)

This species was described in 2000 on the basis of a single subfossil specimen that had been found in 1996 in limestone scree in the Limekiln Cave on the Île aux Aigrettes, Mauritius.

The shell reaches a length of 2.8 cm; it differs from the shells of its close relative, the Two-colored Pachystyla Snail (Pachystyla bicolor (Lamarck)) (see photo below) by lacking a decussate sculpture and by its orange-colored last whorl with a white peripheral band.


Two-colored Pachystyla Snail (Pachystyla bicolor)

Photo: Simon Tonge
(public domain)



[1] Owen Lee Griffiths: Nine new species of Mascarene land snails (Mollusca: Gastropoda). Molluscan Research 20(2): 37-50. 2000


edited: 29.01.2024