Psiadia schweinfurthii Balf. f.

Schweinfurth’s Psiadia (Psiadia schweinfurthii)

This species comes from the island of Socotra; it was collected in the 19th century near Kishan in the north of the Haggeher Mountains, in a botanically well-known and -studied area, and has not been found since; it is therefore very likely extinct. 


The author of the species, Isaac Bayley Balfour, mentions that it is very similar to the Arabian Psiadia (Psiadia punctulata Vatke) (see photo below), a species widespread in eastern Africa and mainland Arabia, from which it differs in the absence of sticky glandular hairs.


Arabian Psiadia (Psiadia punctulata)

Photo: Floyd E. Hayes


edited: 12.02.2024