Phelsuma sp. ‘Aldabra’

Lost Aldabra Day Gecko (Phelsuma sp.)

The Aldabra Atoll still harbors at least one endemic form of this genus, the Aldabra Day Gecko (Phelsuma abbotti ssp. abbotti Stejneger).

Although the bones could not be precisely matched with any of the many West Indian Ocean and Ethiopian geckoes compared with them, they do have a general resemblance to the smaller species of Phelsuma. However, none of the members of this genus examined have the mental foramina placed so close to the upper margin of the dentary. This feature and the very restricted taper of the cylindrical body of the bone distinguish the fossils from P. abbotti, which is now present on Aldabra.” [1]

The species might have reached a length of about 10 cm (including the tail).


This species disappeared around the Pleistocene/Holocene border.



[1] E. N. Arnold: Fossil reptiles from Aldabra atoll, Indian Ocean. bulletin of the British Museum (Natural History). Zoology 29(2): 83-116. 1976


edited: 02.03.2024