Carelia olivacea ssp. olivacea Pease

Olive Carelia Snail (Carelia olivacea ssp. olivacea)

The Olive Carelia Snail was described in 1866; it was found in the eastern part of Kaua’i, Hawaiian Islands and seems to have once be quite widespread.

The shells reach heights of about 7 cm.

Fire and cattle have played havoc with most of the native forests along the northern side of this range and probably the original localities from which Pease obtained his material have been destroyed.” [2]


syn. Carelia olivacea ssp. variabilis Pease



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[2] C. Montague Cooke Jr.: The land snail genus Carelia. Bishop Museum Bulletin 85: 1-97. 1931


edited: 25.01.2024