Cyanea comata Hillebr. 

Maui Cyanea (Cyanea comata)  

This species is only known from the type collection, which dates back to 1870. 

The Maui Cyanea grew in the semi-arid forests of the western slopes of Haleakalā Crater on the eastern part of the island of Maui, Hawaiian Islands. 

The species reached a height of around 2.5 m, it had a tuftof 15 to 20.5 cm long leaves and had a hanging inflorescence with around 5 cm long, light purple-colored flowers.


syn. Delissea comata (Hillebr.) H. St. John


Photo from: ‘Joseph F. Rock: A monographic study of the Hawaiian species of the tribe Lobelioideae, Family Campanulaceae. Memoirs of the Bernice Pauahi Bishop Museum of Polynesian Ethnology and Natural History 7: 1-394. 1918’  

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edited: 28.06.2012