Tenebroides rimatara Kolibáč & Porch

Rimatara Bark-gnawing Beetle (Tenebroides rimatara)

This species was described in 2020 on the basis of subfossil remains, ncluding an articulated head and prothorax as well as at least three elytra, that were recovered from sediment cores that had been obtained on the island of Rimatara in the Austral Islands.

The remains can be dates to an age of about 4500 to 3500 BP.. 

the Rimatara Bark-gnawing Beetle reached a size of about 0,48 cm in length, it appears to have been dark brown in color. [1]



[1] Jiří Kolibáč; Milada Bocakova; James K. Liebherr; Thibould Ramage; Nick Porch: Extinct and extant Pacific Trogossitidae and the evolution of Cleroidea (Coleoptera) after the Late Triassic biotic crisis. Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society 20: 1-37. 2020


edited: 02.11.2020