Tsoukatosia evauemgei Reischütz, Reischütz & Reischütz

EVMG Door Snail (Tsoukatosia evauemgei)  

The EVMG Door Snail (so named after the “Erste Voralberger Malakologische Gesellschaft”) was described in 2012 on the basis of a single subfossil shell that had been found in 2000 in a rubble heap on the Peloponnese in Greece.

The species can be distinguished from its congeners in that the lower lamella is only visible as a straight edge when looking at the mouth at a certain angle.

The shell reaches a height of about 0.98 cm; it is dextral, club-shaped, thin and yellowish white colored.

The EVMG Door Snail may be a cave-dwelling species, and the sole found specimen might be an example that was washed out into the open by the rain. [1]



[1] Alexander Reischütz; Nicole Reischütz; Peter L. Reischütz: Helleniká pantoía, 33. Tsoukatosia evauemgei nov. spec. (Clausiliidae: Pulmonata). Nachrichtenblatt der Ersten Voralberger Malakologischen Gesellschaft 19: 19-20. 2012


edited: 12.02.2024