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Fluminagrion taxaense (Santos)

Rio de Janeiro Damselfly (Fluminagrion taxaense)  

The Rio de Janeiro Damselfly is known only from its type locality, which is now obviously a part of a urban park within the city of Rio de Janeiro in the same-named state of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.  

The species was described in 1965, since then, however, it was never recorded again and is considered most probably extinct.  


The species was formerly doubtfully assigned to the genus Acanthagrion but is now placed in its own genus. [1]  



[1] Danielle Anjos-Santos; Federico Lozano; Jnira Martins Costa: Fluminagrion gen. nov. for Acanthagrion taxaense Santos, 1965, from Brazil (Odonata: Coenagrionidae). International Journal of Odonatology 16(2): 145-155. 2013  


edited: 13.01.2019