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Cichlocolaptes mazarbarnetti Mazar Barnett & Buzzetti

Cryptic Treehunter (Cichlocolaptes mazarbarnetti)

The Cryptic Treehunter is an enigmatic species that is currently included in this genus following thorough morphometric analyses, however, it differs strikingly from the other two species in this genus and superficially resembles the Alagoas Foliage-Gleaner (Phylidor novaesi Teixeira & Gonzaga) with which it occurred sympatrically.


The Cryptic Treehunter was restricted to two localities in the states of Alagoas and Pernambuco, Brazil, where it inhabited the last surviving remnants of the former rainforest.

The species reached a size of about 21 cm. 

The Cryptic Treehunter was described in 2014, just seven years after it was last seen, the species is now considered most likely extinct.


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Biotocus turbinatus (Pfeiffer)

Turban Snail (Biotocus turbinatus)

This species was described in 1870, it is known from the states of Alagoas and Bahia, Brazil; it is considered extinct in the IUCN Red List without further explanation.


Despite the species being believed to be extinct, there actually exist specimens in the Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle in Paris, France that apparently were collected alive in 1998 “under humid tree trunks in Pedra Talhada“, long after the assumed extinction date. 

Yet, the species was not found during the most recent searches in 2015. [1]



[1] Rodrigo B. Salvador; Laurent Charles; Luiz R. L. Simone; Philippe Maestrati: Presumed extinct land snail Megalobulimus cardosoi found again in Pedra Talhada Biological Reserve, north-east Brasil. Tentacle 26: 13-14. 2018


Photo from: ‘Abraham S. H. Breure; Jonathan D. Ablett: Annotated type catalogue of the Bothriembryontidae and Odontostomidae (Mollusca, Gastropoda, Orthalicoidea) in the Natural History Museum, London. ZooKeys 182: 1-70. 2012’

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