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Diplazium longicarpum Kodama

Long-wrist Diplazium Fern (Diplazium longicarpum)

This epiphytic species was described in 1916; it is apparently restricted to the island of Hahajima in the Ogasawara archipelago, Japan.

The fern disappeared during the 1980s due to overcollecting for ornamental uses. [1]



[1] Tod F. Stuessy; Mikio Ono: Evolution and Speciation of Island Plants. Cambridge University Press 1998


edited: 10.01.2024

Diplazium corderoi (Sodiro) Diels

Cordero’s Diplazium Fern (Diplazium corderoi)


Cordero’s Diplazium Fern was described in 1899; it is known only from the banks of the Río Peripa in the Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas Province of Ecuador.

This sole known locality is nowadays totally altered by the Daule-Peripa dam and by the use of the land for the cultivation of bananas and cocoa, thus the species might well be extinct.


However, there is also the possibility that this fern was in fact misidentified and that it is still around.


edited: 09.08.2022