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Symphoricarpos guadalupensis Correll

McKittrick’s Snowberry (Symphoricarpos guadalupensis)

McKittrick’s Snowberry was described in 1968; it is known only form a single locality in the southern McKittrick Canyon in the Guadalupe Mountains in western Texas, USA.

The species can be distinguished from the closely related Palmer’s Snowberry (Symphoricarpos palmeri G. N. Jones) (see photo below), which is found in the same locality, by its rather hairless stems and branches.

McKittrick’s Snowberry is known only from a single collection and might be extinct now.


Palmer’s Snowberry (Symphoricarpos palmeri)

Photo: Curren Frasch



[1] Charles D. Bell: Towards a species level phylogeny of Symphoricarpos (Caprifoliaceae) based on nuclear and chloroplast DNA. Systematic Botany 35(2): 442-450. 2010


edited: 22.02.2024