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Cerion alejandroi Suárez

Alejandro’s Cerion Snail (Cerion alejandroi)

Alejandro’s Cerion Snail was described in 2019 on the basis of subfossil shells that had been collected from deposits at a place named El Júcaro, near the Ramón de Antillas beach in the Holguín Province of Cuba.

The shells reach sizes of about 2,3 to 2,49 cm in height; they have a rather barrel-shaped form. [1]

The species apparently disappeared at the beginning of the Holocene du to naturally occurring changes in the local climate.



[1] Alexis Suárez: Descripción de dos especies nuevas de Cerion (Mollusca: Pulmonata: Cerionidae) en estado subfósil, para Holguín, Cuba. Novitates Caribaea 14: 121-127. 2019


edited: 01.11.2020