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Cookeana anathesis H. B. Baker

Cookeana Snail (Cookeana anathesis)

The Cookena Snail was described in 1938 based on specimens that had been collected in 1934 at a lowland hill side at Mt. Tavaetu on the island of Tubuai, Austral Islands. The species was originally found, apparently quite abundantly, on all kind of native vegetation as well as under logs and stones.

The Cookeana Snail was similar to the congeneric Vindex Snail (Cookeana vindex H. B. Baker), with which together it was described, but differed from that species by several characters including its shell-lap having a row of black dots. [1]


This species was not found during all recent surveys and is believed to be extinct. [2]



[1] H. Burrington Baker: Zonitid snails from Pacific Islands: Southern genera of Microcystinae. Bishop Museum Bulletins 158: 1-101. 1938 
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edited: 16.05.2019