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Piper stipulosum Sodiro

Stipuled Pepper Tree (Piper stipulosum)

The Stipuled Pepper Tree is known exclusively from the type material that was collected about a century ago at the Cordillera de Angamarca at the western slopes of the andes in the Cotopaxi province of Ecuador at an elevation of about 3500 m.

The species is now considered most likely extinct.


edited: 27.11.2018

Centrolene gemmatum (Flores)

Pampas Giant Glass Frog (Centrolene gemmatum 

This species was described in the year 1985.  

The Pampas Giant Glass Frog inhabited a quite small area near San Francisco de Las Pampas in the Cotopaxi Province of Ecuador. The frog was found near streams in the cloud forest, it is assumed that the females attached their eggs to vegetation hanging over water, and that the tadpoles, while hatchings, dropped into the water where they continued to develop.  

There have been intensive search operations near the type locality, but, since not even a single individual was ever found, the species may very well be extinct now.


edited: 18.09.2020