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Alsophila walkerae var. tripinnata (Hook. & Baker) Panigrahi

Tri-pinnated Tree Fern (Alsophila walkerae var. tripinnata)

While Walker’s Tree Fern (Alsophila walkerae (Hook.) J. Sm.) is the most common and widespread tree fern species in Sri Lanka, this variety, described in 1865, is only known from its type material.

The taxon is currently treated as being nothing more than part of the range of variation of the species; I will nevertheless mention it here for the sake of completeness. [1]



[1] R. H. G. Ranil; D. K. N. G. Pushpakumara; T. Janssen; C. R. Fraser-Jenkins; D. S. A. Wijesundara: Conservation Priorities for Tree Ferns (Cyatheaceae) in Sri Lanka. Taiwania 56(3): 201-209. 2011


edited: 16.02.2024