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Ducula david Balouet & Olson

David’s Imperial-Pigeon (Ducula david)

This species was described in 1987 from subfossil remains that were found on the island of ‘Uvea, Wallis & Futuna.

David’s Imperial-Pigeon was a large pigeon, about the size of the Nuku Hiva Imperial-Pigeon (Ducula galeata (Bonaparte)) from the Marquesas, a species that reaches a size of more than 55 cm. [1]



[1] Jean Christophe Balouet; Storrs L. Olson: A new extinct species of giant pigeon (Columbidae: Ducula) from archaeological deposits on Wallis (Uvea) Island, South Pacific. Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington 100(4): 769-775. 1987


edited: 14.05.2019