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cf. Ducula sp. ‚Rapa‘

Large Rapa Pigeon (cf. Ducula sp.)

This species is known from several subfossil remains that were recovered from deposits on the island of Rapa, Austral Islands. 

These remains come from a larger species, like a larger Ducula sp., and shows some indications of reduced powers of flight or even flightlessness, which is now known from several extirpated Polynesian pigeon species. [1]


The sole surviving pigeon species on the island of Rapa today is the Rapa Fruit-Dove (Ptilinopus huttoni Finsch), which itself is somewhat aberrant and unusual large for a member of its genus.



[1] J. D. Tennyson; Atholl Anderson: Bird, reptile and mammal remains from archaeological sites on Rapa Island. In: Atholl Anderson; Douglas J. Kennett: Taking the High Ground; The archaeology of Rapa, a fortified island in remote East Polynesia. In: Terra Australis 37. 105-114. Canberra, ANU E Press 2012


edited: 08.02.2020