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Erica pyramidalis Aiton

Pyramid Heath (Erica pyramidalis)

The Pyramid Heath was restricted to what today is the city of Cape Town in the Western Cape Province, South Africa.

The species disappeared at the beginning of the 20th century due to the destruction of its habitat by the expanding city, and, despite the fact that the species was even cultivated for some time it is now considered extinct. [1]



[1] N. A. Helme; T. H. Trinder-Smith: The endemic flora of the Cape Peninsula, South africa. South African Journal of Botany 72: 205-210. 2005


Depiction from: ‘Conrad Loddiges & Sons; George Loddiges; John & Arthur Arch: The Botanical Cabinet: consisting of coloured delineations of plants, from all countries, with a short account of each, directions for management &c. &c.. London: John & Arthur Arch 1817-1833’

(public domain)


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