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Psittacara maugei (Souancé)

Puerto Rico Conure (Psittacara maugei)

The Puerto Rico Conure was described in 1856, originally as a distinct species but was later merged with the Hispaniolan Parakeet (Psittacara chloropterus Souancé) and is still treated as a subspecies by some authorities.

The species was historically only ever recorded from Mona Island, but apparently also inhabited the island of Vieques, at least occasionally.:

A paroquet was said to occur on the island occasionally during the rainy season in the months of June, July, and August, but I was unable to substantiate these reports. It is barely possible that Eupsitula pertinax from St. Thomas might cross with the trade winds as the islands lie within sight of each other. Gundlach heard of a paroquet on Vieques Island.” [1]

The Puerto Rico Conure  was last recorded in 1892.



[1] Alexander Wetmore: The birds of Vieques Island, Porto Rico. The Auk 33: 403-419. 1916


Depiction from: ‘M. Charlse de Souancé avec la cooperation de S. A. le Prince Bonaparte et de M. Émile Blanchard: Iconographie des perroquets: non figurés dans les publications de Levaillant et de M. Bourjot Saint-Hilaire. Paris: P. Bertrand 1857’  

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