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Graecoanatolica conica Radoman

Cone-shaped Spring-Snail (Graecoanatolica conica)

The Cone-shaped Spring-Snail was descriobed in 1973, it was restricted to its type locality, a spring named Kayın located near the village of Sarıkavak in the Mersin Province, Turkey.

The species was never found again since its description, and given the fact that its only locality has recently extremely diminished, it is considered extinct. [1]



[1] Ümit Kebapçı; Seval Bahadir Koca; Mehmet Zeki Yildirim: Revision of Graecoanatolica (Gastropoda: Hydrobiidae) species in Turkey. Turkish Journal of Zoology 36(4): 399-411. 2012


edited: 05.05.2019