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Helenoconcha leptalea (Smith)

Slender Saint Helena Snail (Helenoconcha leptalea)

The Slender Saint Helena Snail was described in 1892, apparently on the basis of subfossil shells that were recovered from the so-called Sugarloaf Quarry on the island of Saint Helena. 

The shells of this species are much smaller than those of the closely related Many-toothed Saint Helena Snail (Helenoconcha polyodon (Sowerby)); they were flatter, much more finely striated and differed furthermore by their oral armature. [1]



[1] Edgar A. Smith: On the land-shells of St. Helena. Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London. 1892: 258-270


Depiction from: ‘G. W. Tryon; H. A. Pilsbry; a.o.: Manual of Conchology. Second Series: Pulmonata Vol. 8, Helicidae Vol. 6. 1892’

(public domain)


edited: 29.05.2021