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Lacordairia fugax (Olliff)

Swift Lord Howe Ground Beetle (Lacordairia fugax)

The Swift Lord Howe Ground Beetle was described in 1889; it was endemic to Lord Howe Island, Australia.

The species reached a length of about 1,3 cm; it was “Elongate-ovate, dark piceous, shining, sometimes with a bluish tinge; elytra strongly striate, the interstices rather narrow, plain; antennae (except the basal joint) and palpi reddish testaceous; legs rufo-piceous.
Head narrow; eyes rather prominent. Antennae more than two-thirds the length of the body, the basal joint piceous. Prothorax narrowed behind, with a distinct median line; the sides rounded in front; posterior angles rounded: Elytra oblong-ovate, very slightly contracted before the middle, strongly and regularly striate, the interstices narrow and smooth, the second stria, on each side, with an obscure puncture before the middle; sides slightly sinuate before the apex. Legs rather long.
” [1]

The Swift Lord Howe Ground Beetle was last recorded before 1900 and is now considered extinct. [2]



[1] Sidney Olliff: The insect fauna of Lord Howe Island. The Australian Museum memoir 2: 75-98. 1889
[2] Department of Environment and Climate Change (NSW), Lord Howe Island Biodiversity Management Plan Appendices, Department of Environment and Climate Change (NSW), Sydney 2007


edited: 26.04.2022