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Sulcospira martini (Schepman)

Martin’s Sulcospira Snail (Sulcospira martini)

Martin’s Sulcospira Snail was described in 1898, it was apparently collected near Malangbon, a village (or now city) in central Java, Indonesia. [1]

The presumed type locality is now almost completely converted into rice fields, and the species, having not found since, is most likely extinct. 



[1] Frank Kühler; Matthias Glaubrecht: Fallen into oblivion – the systematic affinities of the enigmatic Sulcospira Troschel, 1858 (Cerithioidea: Pachychilidae), a genus of viviparous freshwater gastropods from Java. The Nautilus 119: 15-26. 2005


edited: 02.05.2019