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Triclisia hypochrysea Diels

Round-leaved Climber (Triclisia hypochrysea)

This species is only known from the type material which was collected in 1890 in the surroundings of Libreville in Gabon.

The species has never been found since and is thought to be extinct.


edited: 29.01.2024

Hyperbaena obovata Urb.

Egg-leaved Hyperbaena (Hyperbaena obovata)  

The genus Hyperbaena contains about 70 species of trees that are distributed over the Caribbean, as well as over Central- and South America.  


The Egg-leaved Hyperbaena, described in 1925, was restricted to the Provinces of Guantánamo and Holguín in the east of Cuba.  The species is now considered extinct. [1]  



[1] R. Berazaín: The extinct Flora of Cuba. Bissea 3(2). 2009  


edited: 20.03.2018