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Neohoratia coronadoi (Bourguignat)

Crowned Neohoratia Snail (Neohoratia coronadoi)

The Crowned Neohoratia Snail was described in 1870; I could not find out much about it except for a brief account of its former type locality.:

in Madrid’s surroundings or, at least, in some springs or streams of the New Castille Province” [1]

The species is now considered most likely extinct. [1]



[1] Beatriz Arconada; Maria-Angeles Ramos: Revision of the genus Islamia Radoman, 1973 (Gastropoda, Caenogastropoda, Hydrobiidae), on the Iberian Peninsula and description of two new genera and three new species. Malacologia 48(1-2): 77-132. 2006


Depiction from: ‘Jules René Bourguignat: Mollusques nouveaux, litigieux, ou peu connus. Fasc. 1. Paris: cneohoratiahez F. Savy 1865’

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edited: 27.04.2022