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Oplurus sp. ‘Aldabra’

Aldabra Iguana (Oplurus sp.)

Today, the species of this genus occur only on Madagascar and on Grande Comore, Comoro Islands; yet, they appear to have been much more widespread in former times.

This taxon is known from subfossil bones that were recovered from deposits on Grande Terre, the largest island of the Aldabra Atoll.

In live this taxon must have been larger than any of its living congeners, reaching lengths of about 35 cm (including the tail).


The photo below shows a congeneric species from Madagascar, the Collared Iguana (Oplurus cuvieri (Gray)).


Collared Iguana (Oplurus cuvieri)

Photo: Daniel Branch



[1] E. N. Arnold: Fossil reptiles from Aldabra atoll, Indian Ocean. bulletin of the British Museum (Natural History). Zoology 29(2): 83-116. 1976


edited: 02.03.2024