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Persoonia prostrata R. Br.

Prostrate Persoonia (Persoonia prostrata)

The Prostrate Persoonia is, or maybe was, endemic to the northern tip of Fraser Island in Queensland, Australia, where it was found growing in sand dunes as well as in woods.

The species was described in 1810, it is known from only two collections and may in fact just be a prostrate form of another species, the Broad-leaved Persoonia (Persoonia stradbrokensis Domin) (see photo), which, however, is not known to grow on Fraser Island. [1]

The Prostrate Persoonia was a prostrate shrub with elliptic to spathulate, up to 5 cm long leaves.

The species is probably extinct.



[1] Peter H. Weston; L. A. S. Johnson: Taxonomic changes in Persoonia (Proteaceae) in New South Wales. Telopea 4(2): 269-306. 1991


Broad-leaved Persoonia (Persoonia stradbrokensis)

Photo: C. T. Johansson

(under creative commons license (3.0))


edited: 09.11.2021