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Cyprinodon arcuatus Minckley & Miller

Santa Cruz Pupfish (Cyprinodon arcuatus)

The Santa Cruz Pupfish, also known as Monkey Spring Pupfish, was endemic to the Santa Cruz River system in Santa Cruz County in Arizona, USA, where it apparently was restricted to the margins of an artifical pond fed by an irrigation canal from Monkey Spring.

The species reached a size of about 3,8 cm.

The Santa Cruz Pupfish disappeared around 1970, due to the introduction of Largemouth Basses (Micropterus salmoides (Lacépède)) for ‘sport’ fishing. The species was kept in captivity for some times but breeding efforts were unsuccessful so that the Santa Cruz Pupfish is now extinct.


edited: 27.05.2019

Paraleptophlebia californica Traver

Californian Prong-gilled Mayfly (Paraleptophlebia californica 

This species was described in 1934.  

The Californian Prong-gilled Mayfly was endemic to California, USA, where it was originally found in the Waddell Creek in Santa Cruz County. It was subsequently (in 1968) found near the Anderson Fork, a stream north of the city of Chico in Butte County.  

The species was never found since and is considered most likely extinct.  


edited: 31.10.2017

Paraleptophlebia clara (McDunnough)

Santa Clara Prong-gilled Mayfly (Paraleptophlebia clara)  

This species was described in 1933.  

The species was known from two locations only, one near the city of Los Gatos in the Santa Clara County, the other one in the Waddell Creek in the Santa Cruz County, both in California, USA.  

The Santa Clara Prong-gilled Mayfly was not found during recent searches and is most likely extinct now.  


edited: 31.10.2017