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Tetragnatha paschae Berland

Rapa Nui Long-legged Spider (Tetragnatha paschae)  

This enigmatic species was described in 1924 based on three (?) female specimens – no one has ever found similar spiders on Easter Island since.

Rosemay G. Gillespie, who is an expert for spiders, especially of the genus Tetragnatha, considered is possibly identical to the Large Long-legged Spider (Tetragnatha maxillosa Thorell) which originates from Asia and is now distributed almost worldwide. This species, however, could not be recorded during fieldstudies which took place in 2012, instead the Brown Long-legged Spider (Tetragnatha nitens (Audouin)), a species that originates from the Mediterranean, was found.

If the Rapa Nui Long-legged Spider turns out to have indeed been a distinct, endemic species, it is now most certainly extinct. [1] 



[1] Darko Davor Cotoras Viedma: Colonization of the most isolated island on Earth: What is the origin of the spider Tetragnatha paschae? 2012  


prosoma and left jaw claw  

Depiction from: ‘L. Berland: Araignées de l’ile de Pàques et des iles Juan Fernandez. In: Skottsberg, C. (Ed.): The Natural History of Juan Fernandez and Easter Island 3: 419-437. 1924’  

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edited: 31.10.2016