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Ampelocissus helferi (M. A. Lawson) Planch.

Helfer’s Ampelocissus Wine (Ampelocissus helferi)

This climbing wine was described in 1887; it inhabits the forests of the Andaman Islands in the north-eastern Indian Ocean.

The species is known from only two collections that were both made around the same time; it might be still existing but is mentioned here for the sake of completeness.


syn. Vitis helferi M. A. Lawson


edited: 15.08.2022

Cissus notabilis Doweld

Remarkable Cissus Wine (Cissus notabilis)

This species was described in 1887; it is known only from two collection that both were obtained some 125 years ago, one in West Bengal and the other one in Sikkim, India.

The species was an erect shrub that grew in damp forests, it might well be extinct.


syn. Cissus spectabilis (Kurz) Hochst. ex Planch.


edited: 20.08.2022