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Vriesea rectifolia Rauh

Erect-leaved Vriesea (Vriesea rectifolia)

The Erect-leaved Vriesia was described in 1984, it was found near the town of Correntes in the state of Pernambuco, eastern Brazil.

The species morphologically resembles Lubbers’ Vriesea (Vriesea lubbersii (Baker) E. Morren) from  southeastern Brazil but differs from that species by its inflorescence with flowering branches and other characters. 

The species was never found again in its type locality but was kept in a botanical garden for a while, where it flowered and died without leaving descendants.

Thus, the Erect-leaved Vriesea is now considered extinct. [1]



[1] Janaína Gomes-da-Silva; Andrea Ferreira da Costa: A taxonomic revision of Vriesia corcovadensis Group (Bromeliaceae: Tillandsioideae) with description of two new species. Systematic botany 36(2): 291-309. 2011


edited: 03.12.2018