Phyllostegia tahitensis Nadeaud

Tahiti Phyllostegia (Phyllostegia tahitensis)

The Tahiti Phyllostegia is one of two species of this genus that are distributed outside the Hawaiian Islands.


The The Tahiti Phyllostegia was described in 1873, it was apparently confined to Mt. Marau, where it grew in ravines at elevations of about 1200 m.

The species is known only from the type that was collected in 1859, it was never seen again since and is now considered extinct. [1]


Depiction from: ‘E. Drake del Castillo: Illustrationes florae insularum Maris Pacifici. Parisiis: G. Masson 1886′

(public domain)



[1] Warren L. Wagner: Nomenclator and review of Phyllostegia (Lamiaceae). Novon 9(2): 265-279. 1999


edited: 24.09.2019