Tritocleis microphylla Meyrick

Olaa Peppered Looper Moth (Tritocleis microphylla)

The Olaa Peppered Moth was described in 1899; it was restricted to the ‘Ōla’a Forest in what today is the Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park on the island of Hawai’i.

The species had a wingspan of 2 cm; its head and thorax were whitish-ochreous, sprinkled with black; the abdomen was whitish-ochreous with a double dorsal series of blackish dots; the forewings were triangular, whitish-ochreous , finely and thinly sprinkled with black; the hind wings were pale whitish-ochrous and were also sprinkled with black.

The Olaa Peppered Moth seems to have never been recorded since its description and is now considered extinct.


Depiction from: ‘Fauna Hawaiiensis; being the land-fauna of the Hawaiian islands. by various authors, 1899-1913. Cambridge [Eng.]: The University Press 1913’  

(public domain)


edited: 13.01.2024