Nesiobius fimbriatus (Wollaston)

Fringed Nesiobius Weevil (Nesiobius fimbriatus)  

The Fringed Nesiobius Weevil was described in 1877; it was endemic to the island of Saint Helena; it inhabited the gumwood forests dominated by Gumwood (Commidendrum robustum (Roxb.) DC.) where the animals were found at the forest floor in decaying wood.:

Thompson’s Wood is the only spot in which I observed this well-marked Nesiotes; and although the whole of my examples (22 in number) were obtained by shaking and sifting broken-up sticks and rubbish which were lying on the ground, nevertheless since the majority of the trees in that particular locality are gumwoods, I have little doubt that the N. fimbriatus belongs in reality to the gumwood fauna.” [1]


The species was not relocated during the latest field searches and is believed to be extinct. [2]



[1] T. Vernon Wollaston: Coleoptera Sanctae-Helenae. London: John Van Voorst, Paternoster Row 1877 
[2] Howard Mendel; Philip Ashmole; Myrtle Ashmole: Invertebrates of the Central Peaks and Peak Dale, St Helena. 2008  


edited: 29.05.2021