Zoothera terrestris (Kittlitz)

Bonin Thrush (Zoothera terrestris)

This species was discovered in 1828 when it was apparently still quite common and five specimens were collected … they are all that remains of this species today.

The Bonin Thrush was only ever found on a single island, Chichijima in the Ogasawara archipelago; however, it may well have been more widespread but no records exist. It inhabited coastal forests and was usually found on the forest floor, it may also have bred on the ground.

The species was about 23 cm large; it was warm brown colored and showed darker streaks on its upper side.


syn. Cichlopasser terrestris (Kittlitz), Geocichla terrestris (Kittlitz), Turdus terrestris Kittlitz


Depiction from: ‘Henry Seebohm; R. Bowdler Sharpe: A Monograph of the Turdidae or family of thrushes. London: Henry Sotheran 1902’   

(public domain)


edited: 02.01.2024