Aplonis fusca (Gould)

Norfolk Starling (Aplonis fusca)

The Norfolk Starling, aka. Tasman Starling, was restricted to Norfolk Island.

The species reached a size of 20 cm; it was greyish brown colored, with the males having some metallic glossy green feathers on the head.

The Norfolk Starling disappeared due to a combination of several factors, including competition from introduced European Starlings and thrushes, overhunting and destruction of their habitats through agricultural clearings.

The species was apparently last seen in 1923.


Depiction from: ‘Gregory M. Mathews: The birds of Norfolk & Lord Howe Islands and the Australasian South Polar quadrant: with additions to “birds of Australia”. London: H. F. & G. Witherby 1928’

(public domain)


edited: 30.04.2021