Australdonta teaae Sartori, Gargominy & Fontaine

Tea’s Australdonta Snail (Australdonta teaae)

This species was described in 2013; it is known by 24 subfossil specimens that were collected on the island of Rurutu in the Austral archipelago.

The shells are very large, much wider than high, discoidal, white with reddish-brown flammulations on the apical surface, often faintly visible peripherally on the shell’s base through the subpellucid shell wall.


Photo: O. Gargominy



[1] André F. Sartori; Olivier Gargominy; Benoît Fontaine: Anthropogenic extinction of Pacific and snails: A case study of Rurutu, French Polynesia, with description of eight new species of endodontids (Pulmonata). Zootaxa 3640(3): 343-372. 2013


edited: 18.02.2024