Ypthima posticalis Matsumara

Taiwan Ringed Butterfly (Ypthima posticalis)

The Taiwan Ringed Butterfly was described in 1909, it was for some time considered a subspecies of the Small Three-ringed Butterfly (Ypthima norma (Westwood)) from the South-East Asian mainland.

The species seems to be endemic to the island of Taiwan.

The Taiwan Ringed Butterfly reaches a wingspan of about 3,4 cm; its wings are mainly brownish grey colored, the forewings have one eye spot each.


The Taiwan Ringed Butterfly is said to be extinct, however, I was not able yet to gain any further information; a subspecies (Ypthima posticalis ssp. aei Shirôzu & Shima) does apparently still live on the Philippine Islands, however, this is probably rather to be treated as a distinct species.


edited: 06.11.2020