Fletcherana giffardi (Swezey)

Giffard’s Geometer Moth (Fletcherana giffardi)

Giffard’s Geometer Moth was described in 1913; it seems to have been restricted to the slopes of the Kīlauea volcano on the island of Hawai’i, Hawaiian Islands.

The species has a wingspan of about 2.4 cm; the head and the thorax are white, slightly mixed with fuscous, the palpi and the antennae are pale ochreous; the abdomen is fusco-cinereous, the segmental margins are white; the forewings are white with a few scattered fuscous scales and are much strigulated with fuscous, the median band has nearly straight anterior and posterior edges and is marked with blackish lines, the anterior line is discontinued between the cell and the costa, the discal dot is round and black; the hind wings are similar to the forewings but with less distinct strigulations.

This species was not found during recent searches and is thought to be extinct.


syn. Hydriomena giffardi Swezey



[1] Jon G. Griffin: A comparison of moth diversity at Kilauea (1911-1912) and upper Waiakea Forest Reserve (1998-2000), island of Hawaii. Proc. Hawaiian Entomol. Soc. 39: 15-26. 2007


edited: 15.01.2024