Maoristylus ambagiosus ssp. hinemoa (Powell)

Hinemoa Flax Snail (Maoristylus ambagiosus ssp. hinemoa)

The Hinemoa Flax snail was described in 1947 based on subfossil specimens.

This form was apparently restricted to Cape Maria van Diemen, the westernmost point of New Zealand’s North Island; however, the taxon’s author says: “Restricted to the Island.” [1], thus it appears that this form was probably restricted to the northernmost part of the cape, which is an island that is now joined to the rest of the area by drifting sand.

Again, this is very likely a case of natural extinction due to changes in climate at the end of the Pleistocene.


syn. Placostylus ambagiosus ssp. hinemoa Powell



[1] A. W. B. Powell: On further colonies of Placostylus land snails from northernmost New Zealand. Records of the Auckland Institute and Museum 4(2): 134-140. 1951


edited: 06.02.2024