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Pavetta oblanceolata Bremek.

Oblanceolate Pavetta (Pavetta oblanceolata)  

The Oblanceolate Pavetta is known only from the type material which was collected in 1847 in Kerala, India.

It was a shrub with terete branches and 17 cm long and 5 cm wide oblanceolate, shortly acuminate leaves, the flowers appeared in terminal, short peduncled cymes and were about 3 cm long and greenish-white.

The species appeares to be extinct. [1]



[1] Sharad Singh Negi: Biodiversity and Its Conservation in India. Indus Publishing 1993


edited: 19.06.2020

Hedyotis beddomei Hook. f.

Beddome’s Hedyotis (Hedyotis beddomei)  

This species, which was restricted to the Palghat Hills in Kerala in southwestern India, was described in 1880 and is still known only by the type material.

The species is considered extinct. [1][2] 



[1] J. D. Hooker: The flora of British India. London: L. Reeve 1875-97 
[2] S. S. Negi: Biodiversity and Its Conservation in India. South Asia Books 1993


edited: 06.09.2020