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Ceratophallus concavus (Mandahl-Barth)

Concave Lake Victoria Snail (Ceratophallus concavus)

The Concave Lake Victoria Snail was endemic to Lake Victoria and was apparently restricted there to a place named Hippo Bay near the city of Entebbe, Uganda; it inhabited shallow water, where it was found under stones, a habitat that it shared with other water snail species.

The shells reached sizes of about 0,12 x 0,32 cm; they are said to be reddish-brown and rather glossy. [1]



[1] Danish Bilharziasis Laboratory: A field guide to African freshwater snails. 2. East African species. 2nd edition. Danish Bilharziasis Laboratory, Charlottenlund. 1-51. 1987


edited: 01.11.2020

Vorticifex solida (Dall)

Solid Ramshorn (Vorticifex solida)

The Solid Ramshorn was apparently described based on fossil- or subfossil shells, however, it appears to have survived until recently at least at one site: Lake Tahoe which is situated on the state line between California and Nevada, USA.

The status of the taxon appears to be completely unknown, it might be extinct or it might still be alive; it might furthermore be identical with another species, the Artemesian Ramshorn (Vorticifex effusa (I. Lea)) anyway.


edited: 22.01.2022

Amphigyra alabamensis Pilsbry

Shoal Sprite (Amphigyra alabamensis)

The Shoal Sprite is an extinct freshwater mollusk that inhabited the Coosa River near the city of Wetumpka, Elmore County, Alabama.


Depiction from: ‘Henry Augustus Pilsbry: Two new American genera of Basommatophora. The Nautilus 20(5): 49-50. 1906’ 

(public domain)


edited: 02.05.2021