Ranunculus fraelensis Dunkel

Sonodrio Buttercup (Ranunculus fraelensis)

This species was described in 2010 during a revision of its genus; it was restricted to a locality near Sonodrio, a city in the Lombardy region of Italy.

The only known site of occurrence was inundated in 1953 after the construction of a dam. [1]

The Sonodrio Buttercup is a member of the Goldilocks Buttercup (Ranunculus auricomus L.) aggregation (see depiction below) which contains many hundreds more, very similar so-called agamospecies.


Goldilocks Buttercup (Ranunculus auricomus s. str.)

Depiction from: ‘Jacob Sturm: Deutschlands Flora in Abbildungen nach der Natur, mit Beschreibungen. Nürnberg, gedruckt auf Kosten des Verfassers 1798-1862’

(public domain)



[1] Franz G. Dunkel: The Ranunculus auricomus L. complex (Ranunculaceae) in Northern Italy. Journal of Plant Taxonomy and geography 65(2): 179-227. 2010
[2] Thomas Abeli; Giulia Albani Rocchetti; Zoltan Barina; Ioannis Bazos; David Draper; Patrick Grillas; José María Iriondo; Emilio Laguna; Juan Carlos Moreno-Saiz; Fabrizio Bartolucci: Seventeen ‘extinct’ plant species back to conservation attention in Europe. Nature Plants 7: 282-286. 2021


edited: 25.02.2024