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Triaenodes tridonatus Ross

Three-tooth Triaenodes Caddisfly (Triaenodes tridonatus)

The Three-tooth Triaenodes Caddisfly was described in 1938; it is known from populations in Alabama, Florida and Oklahoma, USA.

The Florida and Oklahoma populations appear to have been last seen in the middle 1930s, while the population in Alabama survived at least until 1991, when it was last surveyed; this species may in fact still be in existence, if so, however, its future expectations are rather bleak.


edited: 17.05.2022

Ceraclea albosticta (Hagen)

White-spotted Long-horned Caddisfly (Ceraclea albosticta)

The White-spotted Long-horned Caddisfly was described in 1861; the species was apparently quite widespread, thus it is strange that its name appears in listings of extinct species.

It is mentioned here for the sake of completeness until I will be able to get further information.


edited: 01.11.2020

Oecetis pratelia Denning

Little Meadow Long-horned Caddisfly (Oecetis pratelia 

This species was described in 1948, it known only from the city of LaBelle, Florida, where it was found on the Caloosahatchee River drainage.  

It was described based on a single adult male alone, which appears to be very similar to another species, the Inconspicuous Long-horned Caddisfly (Oecetis inconspicua (Walker)), and both could potentially be misidentified with each other.  

The Little Meadow Long-horned Caddisfly may be extinct, but this is rather unlikely.  


edited: 05.11.2017